The vision of the Golden Age

We were born at this time not to watch the world wither and die.

We were born to build the Golden Age.

What do I mean by the Golden Age?

(i) A world at peace. I envision a world where nations of the world have put aside their weapons and work together to solve problems that cut across national boundaries.

Only by working together will we stabilize the climate and build effective climate resilience strategies over the next 100 years.

Only by working together will we reverse the Sixth Great Extinction now taking place.

We can point guns at each other, or we can shake hands and settle our differences. One is a road that leads to death; the other is a road that leads to life.

(ii) A world that is harmony with Nature. Our species is now divorced from a natural harmony, so much so that we have triggered an extinction event. If nothing is done to change our societies, our economies, the ways we live -- our species will go extinct.

We can reverse the Sixth Great Extinction and we can stabilize the climate. We have the means to do it. The solutions are there, but they will require the will.

We will need to change our economic systems to restore the natural environment, and we will need to create a vast global Great Commons that will cut across continents, and which is left to Nature, outside of human interference.

We can do what it takes, but we have to start today.

(iii) A world with equal opportunity for all people. There is no excuse for exploitation of other people. We have all the resources and technology we need to make the world rich with opportunity for all people, no matter where they are born.

In our own countries, we have to take the steps we need to remove discrimination and ensure that all people have access to the resources they need to develop themselves fully, so that they can best contribute to society.

Internationally, we have to build a global economic system that allows countries to develop their resources for themselves without undue burden or exploitation from rich countries. The refugee crisis is a direct consequence of economic exploitation. End the exploitation, and people will feel empowered and safe to stay and rebuild at home.

(iv) A world that defends and celebrates our sacred human rights. The great lesson of the 20th century is that humans have a terrible capacity to inflict suffering on one another. Human rights, and the defense of human rights, is the framework for a decent and human civilization. When we uphold and celebrate human rights, we uphold and celebrate civilization itself.

I envision a world where our common human rights are maintained and defended by all people, as the fundamental bulwark of a dignified human existence on this planet.

How do we build this Golden Age? By walking the Path of Hero. By doing what it is we are here to do.

What is it that you are here to do?