Can we reconnect?

The only way to avert our own extinction, and cataclysmic climate change, is by reconnecting.

We have to learn to reconnect with Nature. We have to understand the fundamental truth that humanity is not separate from Nature, but a part of Nature. When we pollute and destroy Nature, we destroy ourselves.

All the plastics, toxins, and other pollution that we have deposited into the natural world: eventually, that catches up to humanity. In fact, human activity has triggered an extinction event.

We have to reconnect with Nature and see its pain as our pain. By healing Nature, we can heal ourselves.

We have to learn to reconnect with one another. Greed, hatred and anger cause us to see other people as enemies, as live forms that do not deserve to live.

But that’s not true.

Each of us is born here with a purpose, with dignity, with the right to be free.

We have to put aside our differences and reconnect to one another as members of the same species, as one large tribe of humans. In this way, we can pacify and civilize ourselves. We can end the wars, and focus on building a Golden Age.

We have to learn to reconnect to ourselves. I look around, and I see people who are trapped in trauma, who hate being alive, who hate who they are!

This is not good.

We have to reconnect with the deep truth of who we are, and to express that with all of our might. We have to find the courage to change our lives so that we can enable the deep flowering of our consciousness.

We are not here to be machines in a larger machine. We are here to be human -- flawed, powerful, spiritual, and beautifully human.

Can we reconnect?