Can we stop global civilization from killing itself?

One of the things that always amazes me any time I travel is how much of the world is the same.

The triumph of Western capitalism, and the dominance of U.S.-based economic globalization, is plain as day.

It seems the entire world eats at McDonalds, drinks coffee from Starbucks, wears H&M and follows the Kardashians on Instagram.

Brands are global, based all over the world, but companies manufacture and distribute products and services through an economic paradigm that is as total and dominant as any in history.

The problem, of course, is that this economic paradigm is quite literally destroying the planet and will trigger an extinction event.

Can we do anything to stop global civilization from killing itself?

Can we stop the machine?

I think it is possible. And I look to nature to help come up with effective strategies to get people to wake up and to help push the world in a more positive, saner direction.

For me, the model is the virus. A tiny virus can replicate itself within a host, and almost overnight, the host can change in some way or shape.

I believe it is up to the artists, the dreamers, and the activists to come up with potentially viral strategies that can change the way that people look at the world, and expose them to reality.

And I believe that we also need to prepare people for the harsh days ahead. Chaos is coming, and with chaos comes pain and trauma. Those of us who can see, must prepare for this chaos and also do what we can to shepherd others through that trauma.

I believe we can stop civilization from killing itself. The time to act is now.