Finding stillness in an age of extinction

The most important thing we can do in an age of extinction is learn to be still.

Stillness” means to quiet the mind to a state of total awareness and total openness.

We are caught up in so much chatter in our day-to-day lives.

There is the stress of working.

There is the distraction of popular culture.

There is the addicting technology of social media.

How many people today actually recognize the deep crisis of our time? That the Earth will be totally unrecognizable in 100 years? And that much of life may go extinct at that time as well?

I came to really understand the dire predicament of our times through stillness.

Stillness teaches you to see the world with eyes that don’t carry any preconceptions. You simply see the world as it is.

You see those things that are beautiful with a real, enduring beauty.

And you see those things that are ugly with a real sense of shock and horror.

Reality becomes plain.

The reality of our time is the reality of extinction. And I keep wondering, what is the best way to communicate this to others?

I find that I can best communicate the need for action today by coming from a place of stillness. People are not used to being still.

By choosing to be still, I bring people down to my wave length. And they can see the world, even for a moment, the way I see it.

The most important thing any one of us can do today is learn stillness. And then, we can communicate to others from that place of stillness.

There is hope if we can rouse others to see reality. Things could change.