Seeing dystopia

We have to learn to see dystopia. Because we are living it.

Political dystopia might be impossible to recognize, but it is there. You have to look beyond the highly perfected forms of propaganda that surround us, telling us everything is great, couldn’t be better!

Never mind the wars, the social inequality, the racism, sexism, other -isms that are everywhere.

Never mind the rise of dangerous demagogues all over the world.

Tech dystopia goes hand in hand with political dystopia. We live in a world now where every single thing we do on the internet is tracked by a corporation, by a government, or by both.

The concept of privacy -- the idea that we can entertain thoughts from our consciousness and explore those thoughts without worrying about the judgment of others -- is practically a thing of the past. Without privacy, every single thing we do, say and think is subject to scrutiny.

We can be policed by who we are or what we think -- regardless of whether we act and behave in accordance with law.

Eco dystopia also lays ahead. Our unmitigated insistence on burning fossil fuels without abandon and our refusal to change our ways will warm the Earth 3, 4 or even 5 degrees C by the end of the century.

The Sixth Great Extinction marches along as well, destroying non-human life, but ultimately, affecting us. Humanity’s fall from the apex of the food chain will be swift and complete.

I believe we can overcome dystopia. But to overcome it, we have to learn to see it. Do you see it?