The justice of a cold shower

I am in love with cold showers.

Here is why:

A cold shower brings discipline. Honestly, indoor plumbing, and heated water, is a pretty remarkable invention. So it takes some discipline to ignore that little knob in the bathroom that brings in warmth and comfort right out of a faucet. Saying “no” to something you usually take for granted builds a real discipline.

A cold shower is a reminder that so much of the world lacks basic necessities. Billions remain in poverty, a number that will only increase as climate disasters continue to strain basic infrastructure, particularly in poor countries.

A cold shower is a daily reminder of this reality, and a small bit of solidarity with their predicament.

A cold shower is good for your immune system. Or at least, according to the internet.

A cold shower teaches you to put things in perspective. After I started taking cold showers, I realized that 99% of the things I used to consider painful, or problems, were actually not nearly as bad as a cold shower. If you can withstand the daily shock of a cold shower -- something you really, never get used to -- you can withstand a lot more than you think.

A cold shower becomes addictive. Having now done it for a few months, I couldn’t imagine ever going back to a warm shower.

There’s something sadistically addictive about giving yourself a little physical startle every morning. And it does get the blood running.

In many ways, a cold shower has become my daily act of resistance. I will not do what others do. I will not be comfortable, as the world heaves and shudders. I will find my own way.

My habits may seem strange to those who prefer comfort. But in an age of extinction, their habits are also painfully strange to me.

Try it. I would love to hear from you if you start doing this.