The political system can still evolve, but we need to fight for that

I haven’t given up hope that our political system can change and adapt, and even act as a liberating force in the years to come.

The political process is lifeless; but it is there. And even a small group of committed people, who want to positively change the world, could do a lot simply by taking up the gears of politics.

One of the most underestimated political offices is the office of the State Attorney General.

State Attorneys General wield a tremendous amount of power. In fact, it was just a few State Attorneys General who decided to go hard against the tobacco companies in the late 1990s.

Then a few more joined the fight, and the next thing that happened was a wholesale change in the way tobacco products were sold, and billions of dollars in penalties/restitution to the states.

Not much has been written about the politics of extinction. Climate Leviathan is one attempt, but I am not sure if it captures the full range of possibilities.

The one thing about politics is that it is truly up to us. Whether we accept authoritarianism and dictatorship, or forge new bonds of democratic governance, is entirely in our hands.

The political system can still evolve. Let’s never lose hope of our ability to organize and create a politics of hope and decency. We will need these visions in the days to come, when our societies are bursting at the seams.