When do you intend to head North?

I have begun asking the same question to people over and over again:

When do you intend to head North?

I ask it for a lot of reasons.

I am genuinely curious if people have thought about how the climate breakdown will affect them.

And I am curious how people will respond to being prodded that the tidy future they have imagined for themselves is, in fact, a lie.

I also ask this because it helps me find like-minded people. Believe it or not, there are some people who give an answer that reflects a grounded sense of reality.

For the people who have given a real answer, I would say the average response is about 10 years.

Finally, I ask because it is a way to educate others about the reality of the climate breakdown. It breaks my heart when I consider how many people will suffer in my lifetime from something as avoidable as human pollution, our willing disregard for our own future, and our inability to simply imagine a better way to live. I want people to survive. I want people to live to build a better future. In a warming world, the only where to go is North.

So I ask you: When do you intend to head North?