Can we avoid climate dictatorship?

As climate catastrophes get worse, will we need to make a Faustian bargain with our governments to protect us?

Will we need to give up our liberties in order to stay safe?

Will leaders use climate catastrophes as an excuse to declare a perpetual climate emergency -- ruling by decree and fiat, and destroying democracy in the process?

Will elites use the pretext of climate catastrophes to gate and cordon off the world? Will the cooler northern latitudes belong to the rich and powerful? Will they truly build walls -- literal and otherwise -- to prevent people from coming North?

What happens to our conceptions of individual liberty at a time where we need massive, coordinated, global action in order to avoid a worst case scenario?

What will happen to our conceptions of liberty when individual groups decide to act on their own to forestall the effects of climate change on them? What if a rogue corporation shoots sulfur into the atmosphere in a Hail Mary attempt to cool the planet? Are we on the precipice of an age where governments will compete with private groups for action on climate? Is this an era of “climate war lords”?

Just a few of the things that keep me up at night.