The greatest quality we need in these crazy times is courage.

Courage is the only thing that matters.

We need the courage to think and act differently than others. Our world today is in a deep crisis. Our world is in the midst of an extinction event. If nothing is done, life, including human life, will probably go extinct in the next few hundred years. The science is plain, the facts are there. But it takes courage to really process these facts, and this reality. It takes courage to see the world for what it is, and to see the deep trauma that scars the land, that scars our psyches.

We need the courage to choose our own destinies. We were born at this time because we were meant to be here. We chose to be here, in these important decades of human history, so that we could alter the fate of our species -- to save it from destruction.

Many of us know deep down inside that we were not born to walk the same tired path that our peers might choose to walk. We know that we are here to do something important, even critical, to the future of life on this planet.

We need the courage to speak out. There is injustice everywhere. There is trauma and suffering everywhere. Those of us who see these things, we need to have the strength and the conviction to speak our minds and to call out those who act as oppressors.

We need the courage to engage with our empathy. It takes courage to feel in these times, because there is so much pain everywhere. But we must stay true to our empathy, because it is only with our empathy that we can remain faithful to our humanity.

We need the courage to have faith. The odds are not good for human survival. It may be the case that no matter our efforts, we will fail. It takes courage to believe we can make a difference. It takes courage to have faith in a positive future.

Don’t be afraid. Stay strong. Develop your courage.