Cultivate courage

Cultivate the courage to believe in yourself.

Perhaps the hardest thing we can do is to simply have the courage to believe our instincts. We are all told we have to live a certain way, walk a certain path, have certain things, and be a certain way.

But all of that is meaningless. Our civilization will likely not last another 50 years. Whatever it is you are being told to do, or whatever you feel pressured to be—consider the fact that life is going to be very different anyway, and that you if you are under forty, you are going to live through those changes.

If you know your path is different, or lies somewhere else, have the courage to explore it. You owe it to yourself to explore what you can offer the world in this very troubled time. And maybe, by cultivating those talents, you have a gift that could change the fate of our species and our planet in positive ways.

Don’t live another day feeling dead inside. Don’t live another day filled with regret. Life is far too short to think that you are wasting your days. Think hard about what it is you are here to do, and what it is will make you happy. Then, go and do it.