Five things governments must do to tackle the climate crisis

Here are five things that governments must do immediately to tackle the climate crisis, the impending climate breakdown and the related Sixth Great Extinction:

1) Declare a global truce so that countries can commence working together on necessary climate action. The single most important thing that needs to happen right now is for countries to declare a cease fire to any and active military campaigns — including the U.S. — to permit dialogue and discussion about ending the climate breakdown. The American President, in particular, must have the courage to declare this cease fire and put petty wars aside to focus on the grave threat of human extinction posed by the impending climate breakdown and bio-diversity collapse.

2) Immediately sponsor a commitment to carbon zero by 2025 and 280 ppm by 2050. Our governments need to take drastic, immediate action to halt the climate breakdown now in place. We need to go carbon zero immediately, and probably no later than 2025. And beyond going carbon neutral, the human race has to remove carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses such that we can return to pre-industrial levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. This will take immediate, drastic, coordinated action by every government.

3) Create a vast global commons. There is now plenty of science suggesting that 50% of the world needs to be left off limits from humans, and given to Nature, in order to restore biodiversity. We need a unified global commons, secured by treaty, that will create leave at least half of the Earth to itself. This type of global commons will also do a lot to unify our planet and our species.

4) Reforest and rewild. In tandem with (3), the next fifty years of human existence needs to be a time of reforestation and rewilding. We are here, now, to heal this planet; and that means reforesting and rewilding everywhere we can, including the oceans. A massive reforestation and rewilding effort is critical to avoiding human extinction.

5) Transform our societies so that they are in harmony with Nature. Finally, we need leaders to emerge who will be brave and courageous enough to lay out a vision of a human existence that is in harmony with Nature. We will have to stop operating the false assumption that endless growth is capable on a finite planet. We must transform our societies from the ground up so that they are in harmony with Nature and so that humanity does not again breach the Earth’s carrying capacity.