Harmony with the Earth

Whether or not people are aware of it, there is a major extinction event taking place today. Those of us alive today may be witnesses to the last decades of human civilization prior to a civilizational or ecological collapse.

We know exactly what it would take to end the Sixth Great Extinction. We have the science already. Specifically, scientists now know that half of the Earth must be left alone, rewilded, and out of human hands.

What is the end game for humanity? Is it just the idea of unlimited, forever growth and resource exploitation? Are we really going to sell a fantasy to each other and our children that humans can occupy every inch of habitable Earth, without concern for the natural world, and that everything will be ok?

Or is there a different way? Is there a better way?

Can we instead change the way we think to focus on harmony with the Earth? Can we instead build a vision of human society that operates in balance with natural limits?

I believe we can build a civilization that is in natural harmony with the Earth. I believe we have the ability to leave 50% of the Earth off limits.

But to get there, we have to think differently, and we also have to build a different way of life. We have to be ok walking a different path: one that is totally new and that hasn’t yet been built.

We’ll have to convince others that this path is the right path. And we’ll have to convince them soon, to avoid our efforts being too late.