Making corporations an ally for peace and sustainability

Just 100 international corporations are responsible for 71% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The fact that such a small group of people could be responsible for the large-scale destruction of our world is a mind blowing fact.

But on the other hand, if 100 corporations could cause so much damage, imagine what we could do if we made those 100 corporations allies in reversing that damage, along with hundreds of other aligned forces.

I believe the key to staving off human extinction is to confront these corporations and make them allies in the fight for peace and sustainability.

We will absolutely need these corporations to build a peaceful and sustainable world. At minimum, we will need these corporations to stop the harmful and destructive things that they do all over the world.

But beyond that, these corporations could be extremely powerful entities. Their resources and might could go a long way in sequestering carbon, reforesting and rewilding the Earth, and helping with the mitigation and adaptation required to survive the challenges of climate change.

Taming corporate power and bringing it to bear in a healthy, symbiotic way with the Earth will not be easy. It will require organizing from below, and lawmaking / law enforcement from above. It will require trans-national cooperation amongst and between countries.

But it will have to be done if we are to avoid a dark future.