Political dystopia, Eco dystopia

Dystopia refers to a world in which there is grave injustice or suffering.

Dystopia is an apt way to describe the present.

There is political dystopia -- and by this, I mean the politics of tyranny and dictatorship.

Dictators come in many forms. You can have autocratic dictatorship -- dictatorship of one person.

But you can also have oligarchical dictatorship -- dictatorship of an elite.

Liberal democracy in the West, everywhere, has morphed into oligarchical dictatorship.

Political systems are rigged such that fundamental changes to economic paradigms or political structures are virtually impossible.

People vote, but they vote to change faces on an industrial and governance machine that will never change.

The rich get richer; the poor, meanwhile, suffer what they must.

But political dystopia is only one-half of our current dystopia. The other half is eco dystopia.

Eco dystopia refers to the Sixth Great Extinction now taking place, augmented and accompanied by climate change.

In just a few short decades, our world will look so very different. Ice-free Arctic summers, devastating flooding and hurricane events hitting major coastal cities, crippling droughts, food shortages -- these are stark realities that will happen in 10 to 20 years.

Our Earth is being used up.

It is ironic that a group of elites, no doubt proud of their intelligence and accomplishments, are the ones who are creating the foundation for possible, or even probable, human extinction.

What do we do?

In an age of extinction, I believe we are here for a reason. That we are our best hope for our descendants.

It is our obligation to be honest about this dystopia. And it is our obligation to do what we can to defend our democratic values, and build the peace and sustainability we need to avert human extinction.