The Hero we need is you

I believe we were all born at this time because we chose to be here.

We chose to be here, because we were needed at this time; because we are the best hope for our descendants.

I believe each of us has a certain talent, a purpose, which if cultivated, could positively impact the planet and change the direction of our future into something else.

We were not born to watch the Earth consume itself. We were not born to watch our species disappear under rising seas and ecosystemic collapse.

We were all here to be a Hero, and to walk the path of the Hero.

Don’t wait for anyone else to be the hero that will change the flawed destiny of our collective future.

That hero is you.

Think about what your talent or purpose might be. Think about what it is you are here to do. And then, go out and do it. Build a Life’s Work and leave behind a legacy that will inspire others to do what they can.