This is the time

This time, today, is the most important time in human history.

The actions we take today will affect our species—and life on this planet more generally—for generations, even millennia, to come.

Right now, greenhouse gas emissions are changing the Earth’s climate at fantastic speeds, never before seen in human history.

If nothing is done to stop this warming, the ice caps will melt at the poles, and temperatures will rise dramatically all over the planet.

It will get hotter—much hotter.

And our coastal cities will flood and disappear, leading to the greatest human migration in recorded history.

I didn’t want to believe any of this at first.

Like most people, what I wanted from life was to have a good career, have a family, raise kids, watch my favorite shows on TV, pursue some hobbies and enjoy time with my friends.

As I learned more about how the Earth is changing, I was stunned at the criminal levels of negligence of those in power. I was stunned that not only are they failing to do anything, they seem to be making decisions to actively make things worse.

When I looked further and I saw how much war there is on this planet; how many animals are disappearing, every day; the extreme wealth inequalities that are permitted to exist; I realized that most of us kept ignorant of humanity’s true condition.

This is the time to do something more.

This is the time to walk the Path of the Hero, to pursue your Life’s Work, and to fight back against a terrible and flawed destiny that awaits us, if we do nothing.

This is the time to act differently than those have chosen to remain ignorant.

This is the time to discover your true power.

This is the time to act as the light that shines in the darkness.