People chase money because they falsely think that money brings happiness.

People chase money because they falsely think that money brings wealth.

In truth, there are many forms of wealth -- some of which cannot be purchased with any type of money.

Are you wealthy in other areas? Consider what you may be missing out on by pursuing money at all costs:

Having free time is a form of wealth. The freedom to be idle, to go sit out in the sunshine, to spend time with others, is a rare luxury in these times.

Having loved ones in your life is a form of wealth. Giving and receiving love is a basic human need -- one that goes unfulfilled in societies that focus only on money at all costs.

Having your health is a form of wealth. It is a truism that people who are suffering from illnesses would say they would spend whatever it takes to get better. Never underestimate the value in having health.

Having a good reputation is a form of wealth. Money comes, but money also goes. And when it goes, and you have a terrible reputation -- what will you do at that point?

Having peace in your heart is a form of wealth. Not having worries about big things, just being easy, having the ability to laugh, knowing that everything will work out -- money cannot buy this. Only cultivation of the soul will do this.

Joy is a form of wealth. We have only one life to live. Life is truly little more than a brief window to experience joy. If you have money, but are in pain and suffering because of it -- is money a blessing or a curse? What has it really cost to obtain this money?

Don’t ever confuse money and wealth. They are not at all the same. Have all the money in the world -- if you have not lived your life right, you might still very well be poor.

You might still be a pauper in the things that really matter.