How to build peace

We are far removed from a politics that seeks to build peace and environmental sustainability. Our political systems drip in corruption and venality; politicians are bought and sold, and pursue naked self interest and the interests of their funders.

When it is greed that sits in the hearts of our leaders, is it any surprise that the world looks the way it does? War against other countries is pushed for and supported because it fills the coffers of weapons manufacturers. Domestic politics becomes cynical, frayed and factionalized, because conflict and disputes drives viewership and internet clicks.

History teaches that when political systems begin to rot, they eventually fall apart. These disintegrations and revolutions are moments of great chaos and potential violence. And the things that replace them are often worse than what preceded them. 

At a time where politics is ruled by the greedy, how do every day people fight back? They fight back like they would with any other problem -- they look to themselves and to their Life's Work to build peace and environmental sustainability. They align with other people who are on the wavelength of the Hero Mind. They start to organize and collaborate. And they awaken and open the hearts and minds of other people.

My vision is that these awakened people become their own force, powerful enough to change and alter politics without ever having to issue a single political ad or run any candidate.


Our political systems and processes are too corrupt. They will kick and scream in protest at making the critical changes that are required to positively affect the future. But as each of us, individually, starts to build peace and environmental sustainability, we will uncover the methods and techniques that we need to ultimately affect the political dimension. By changing our inner dialogue and inner world, we will affect the outer world. 

Building a politics of peace is possible. It starts with each one of us.