Civilization as a spiritual quest

The quest for a civilized Earth is more than a political aspiration. It is also a spiritual quest.

I believe in the possibility of a Golden Age for humanity. I believe it is possible that we can create an Earth where democracy is a vibrant, living thing, a cosmic force writ-large, a force that enables us to build peace between nations, sustain the delicate global ecosystem, and maintain societies where there is some basic degree of harmony, justice, and equal opportunity between and for all peoples.

When I talk about building this Golden Age, there are two discrete parts.

There is the outward work, which any committed and ethical person would understand: building peace, advocating for democratic principles, defending human rights, and greening our societies so that the Earth can recover itself and continue to sustain human life for generations to come.

But there is also the inward work that accompanies the outward work.

And the inward work is as difficult, perhaps even more difficult, than the outward work.

The inward work requires us to have the insight into ourselves as to what our purpose is, and what our Life's Work should be in these difficult times.

It requires us to have the patience to deal with a world, and with people, who are not as open to the necessity of change, or who are even hostile to the idea of civilization.

And it requires us to have the strength to walk hand-in-hand with fear, and to learn to speak and talk to fear every day of our lives on this journey. 

In order to build a Golden Age, and to advance the cause of civilization, we have to first start with civilizing ourselves, and becoming the absolute best versions of ourselves.

I know that the world seems out of shape, and that things seem to be getting worse.

But I believe that the people who will make the deepest and most lasting forms of positive impact will be those who have prioritized and perfected their ability to maintain insight, patience, and strength.

There is war on this Earth. But what is war, other than the manifestation of the darkest of human emotions? 

War does not bring about civilization. Civilization is what brings about civilization. And civilization must start within our own minds. 

Take the time to think about your Life's Work. Take the time develop and cultivate patience, for your journey is long, and a hard one. Take the time to practice strength, because fear will be with you every single day that you walk down this road. 

Think about all those things. And then, with all your heart, start to build the Golden Age.