How the Path of the Hero will affect you

I believe that every person alive today is alive for a special reason. And that reason is to cultivate and develop a Life's Work, in order to build peace and sustainability.

When you dedicate yourself to the cultivation of a Life's Work, you start to walk the Path of the Hero. It is a unique path that will change your life.



Here's how walking the Path of the Hero will affect you:

(i) Decisions become very easy to make. Modern society provides no shortage of choices. Not just consumer choices, but also life choices. People in affluent countries can decide to build careers in numerous international cities, date dozens of people, and work at several companies -- all before they turn 30.

How do you decide what to do in the face of so much choice?

When you walk the Path of the Hero, the choices make themselves, because your focus is on building your Life's Work. If it doesn't fit into a larger tapestry of the life you are creating, the choice doesn't make sense. The daily pains of life are no longer viewed in isolation, but become part of a larger story about why you are here at this time, and what it is you are building. Potential choices about what to do with yourself resolve themselves, because you are working from a perspective of a life-long journey.

(ii) You start to live life very differently from others. As you make decisions that are based on the pursuit of a Life's Work, you will soon discover that the decisions you make look nothing like those of your peers who are not walking this path.

Your business and financial decisions (jobs, careers, investments, money) and intimate decisions (dating, marriage, children) may seem strange or even dangerous to many other people.

You should pay these other people no heed. Listen to the beat of your own personal drum. Listen to your intention about what will help you on your unique path. You will naturally find those people who will support and sustain your journey.

(iii) You start to experience a deep and meaningful joy. When you are a servant of the common good; when you have dedicated your life to the fullest expression of your unique consciousness;  when you have discovered the truth that your personal journey of building peace and sustainability is the same journey our entire species must now walk; when you have discovered all these things, you will start to feel a tremendous joy. 

Joy is a very misunderstood emotion. Joy is not physical pleasure. It is not even really happiness. Joy is a feeling of deep gratitude, of deep peace. When you feel joy, you should rest assured that you are at your right place, because joy is the closest wavelength we have to the wavelength of the entire universe. When you sit in joy, you are sitting with the entire universe, and all of its countless forces that push and pull galaxies, stars, and dark matter to and from one another.

Joy is the gift that comes from the Path of the Hero. It is a gift that all people are entitled to, should they want it.