Jumping into your Life's Work

One of the scariest moments in my life was leaving a steady corporate law job to pursue a hidden passion, and ultimately, to pursue my Life's Work.

It was not the moment I would have picked. It was 2010; two years after the collapse of the financial markets and the dissolution of Bear Stearns.

There was a panic in the legal profession as corporate firms shrank their ranks. No one was sure what would happen next.

The recession had triggered in me a lot of thoughts about what would happen if I were, in fact, laid off. What would I do? Where would I go? 


The one idea that kept resurfacing time and time again was that I would set up my own practice. Joining another firm seemed like trading one set of masters for another; and while I thought about being in-house counsel somewhere, I just felt very attracted, even irrationally so, to the idea of being my own boss and taking command of my future. 

It seemed to me that if I dedicated the energy I spent working for other people on myself, the sky could very well be the limit to what I could do.

At that time, I hadn't thought about my larger purpose on this Earth, what my Life's Work was, what I wanted to leave behind, or anything about the Path of the Hero.

What I knew at that time, though, was that I wanted independence, and that I wanted to jump into the next chapter of life.

I would give the same advice for any one who is itching, maybe irrationally itching, to do something different. While I know what it is I am here to do now, and what my Life's Work is, you don't have to have everything formulated and planned out to know that a chapter in your life is ending and a new one is beginning. 

There is always an emotional and sometimes intuitive part that is speaking to us, telling us it is time for a change.

Listen to that sentiment, and honor it.

I know it can seem scary to leave behind something that seems established, but we are not here, alive at this time, to just be scared automatons, clicking away on glowing machines.

We are here to liberate ourselves and others.

We are here to be the light that shines in the darkness.