Entrepreneurship, a life's work, and spirituality

Building a Life's Work is the essential practice involved in walking the Path of the Hero. And in creating and sustaining a Life's Work, those who walk the Path of the Hero should absolutely consider entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurship and the Path of the Hero go hand in hand. One of the best ways to align your Life's Work with your every day life is to literally combine them, so that what you are doing to earn money and what you are doing to create a positive social impact are one and the same. 

Many of the entrepreneurs I work with at my private law firm are so-called "social impact entrepreneurs" or "social entrepreneurs". In addition to making money, social enterprise companies are also trying to maximize a social benefit or fix a social problem.

Entrepreneurship as a means of creating a social benefit looks a little different than traditional entrepreneurship.

Whereas traditional entrepreneurship may be fixated on the highest value exit, social entrepreneurs are guided by a sense of meaning and purpose that is tied to a social good. Decisions are going to look different and assets will be deployed in alternative ways.

Entrepreneurship becomes a spiritual undertaking: "spiritual entrepreneurship".

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My own journey as an entrepreneur has produced an interesting law firm model that I believe to be completely unique. My for profit firm, Comar LLP, provides legal services to corporations and technology companies, advising on corporate finance and litigation. Meanwhile, Comar LLP acts as the anchor and support for Just Atonement Inc., a legal non profit dedicated to building peace and sustainability.

For many years, the work of the two entities was kept in the same organization, but as activities grew for both, I realized for branding and fundraising purposes it made sense to have separate entities.

But to my knowledge, we may be the only law firm in the world that actively supports a legal non profit, providing it with operational support, so that it can incubate and become self-sustaining.

Entrepreneurship can not just be a meaningful path; it can also serve as a powerful spiritual path. It is one of the best ways to walk the Path of the Hero.