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The science of extinction

When you understand the science of extinction -- when you really realize what it means -- you realize that we who are alive today are truly humanity's last vanguard. That the decisions we make today will not only affect our children, but the entire species, and other forms of life on Earth. 

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Statement at Lafayette College on Puerto Rico and Climate Change

Thank you very much. I’m honored to be here and to present this talk, which I call “Puerto Rico: The Climate Canary.” A canary is a small bird that is known for its singing. Coal miners used to take canaries with them into their mines. If dangerous gasses were released, the canary would die -- a signal to the miners that they had to immediately leave or else they, too, would die. Puerto Rico is our canary. And its fate is a signal to all of us seated here that we, too, are in grave danger.

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