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Using democracy to solve the climate breakdown

The climate breakdown is not just a crisis of the environment.

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Lessons from the Syria Strike

The lessons from the April 13, 2018 strike on Syria by the United States and its allies do not bode well for the future of democracy or the future of peace. In fact, the lessons reveal uncomfortable truths about the current state of international affairs. But they must be confronted, and dealt with, in order to create a better future.

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Is democracy dead?

Democracy is a living, breathing thing. But we treat it like a machine that never needs maintenance, or a statue that never needs polishing. We assume that because we can name it, we are always entitled to it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our precious human dignities, our political, social, economic and cultural freedoms -- history shows they are all too easily taken away when they become inconvenient to the powerful. 

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