Truth in a world of lies

Everywhere around us, there are lies. The media lies, the government lies (every government), our parents and teachers and our religious leaders have all lied to us, sometimes blindly, sometimes willfully. 

Lies are placed on top of lies. And the result is the current state of our world: war, poverty, environmental destruction.

There is a simple answer to all the lies. And that answer is just to be true to yourself, to be as deeply authentic as possible, so that every word, emotion and action that comes out of you is true to your very being.

When you are authentic and true to yourself, the whole world changes. This is because you begin to resonate a tiny bit of truth in a world that is dripped in lies. You act as a light in a world filled with darkness. And in a dark world, a little light can go a long way.


Deep within each of us, there is a purpose, a reason why we have incarnated at this moment -- a momentous Life's Work that requires discovery, effort and energy.

In looking to the future, there are only the threats of growing war, discord, disharmony, climate change, species extinction and chaos.

This is where we are all headed. It is a terrible place where we are going. 

But there is time to change the way. There is time to go somewhere else. A place with more hope, dignity and harmony. A place with more decency. 

To get there, we have to get there first internally, in ourselves. We have to find a place of truth in ourselves first, and then we can spread the message of truth to other people.

Discover your Life's Work. Find your purpose. Become a Hero. This is now the time. 

Inder Comar