Why we all need some challenge in our lives

It's easy to fantasize about a life without any type of worry or struggle. Our popular conception of heaven is a place in the clouds filled with angels lying around, with no one doing anything other than the possible strumming of a harp. And our lives are filled with so much stress and worry -- the complete absence of any challenge can seem like a dream come true.

But the reality is that we are not built spiritually or psychologically to have a life without any type of challenge, where our needs are met instantly, at every moment. People who are rich and powerful enough to get anything they want with a snap at their fingers are inevitably shallow, tyrannical people. Why should anyone aspire to that?

We all know this. It is common sense. So we must take this logic one step further and realize that what gives life its true meaning is not aspiring to some illusory state of never-ending comfort. What gives life its true meaning is living a life filled with purpose and intention, and those things are only derived from a life that has some challenge to it.

An easy, comfortable life is something we all sometimes wish for, but such a life ends up being rather boring, unfulfilling, and ultimately unsatisfying.


At this moment in history, the greatest challenge to which we can all dedicate ourselves is the cultivation of those qualities that will help build peace and environmental sustainability. These are the things the world urgently needs at this time -- something more urgent than the development of any technology. 

And the best way we can all aid in that effort is to take the time to discover our Life's Work -- the reason why we are here at this time. 

If we can align with that master purpose, life has a way of falling into place, and we quickly discover that the qualities we wish to explore and cultivate on our own are the exact qualities that the world needs from us at this time. Each of us can lay our own brick in the grand cathedral of a world at better peace with itself. This is the reason we are here.