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Interview with Dean Walker - November 25, 2017

We don't know how hard of a transition it's going to be, but we know it will be hard in some aspects. I know that good decent people sometimes think that we have to stop it all, or that those lives will be lost. And lives will be lost, that otherwise we wouldn't have died. I think that that's all very true, but I think it's enough for us as sitting here and on November 25th, 2017 to just do what we can, as long as we're doing what we can.

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Statement at Lafayette College on Puerto Rico and Climate Change

Thank you very much. I’m honored to be here and to present this talk, which I call “Puerto Rico: The Climate Canary.” A canary is a small bird that is known for its singing. Coal miners used to take canaries with them into their mines. If dangerous gasses were released, the canary would die -- a signal to the miners that they had to immediately leave or else they, too, would die. Puerto Rico is our canary. And its fate is a signal to all of us seated here that we, too, are in grave danger.

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