Politics of the golden age

End the Wars


The single most important action that could change the destiny of the human race is for countries to cease and desist with war-making and to pursue an international relations of dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution.

In other words, end the wars.

I know what some of you will say when you see this. You will think I am advocating for something that is either unrealistic, or weak. 

Let's talk about weakness, and get that out of the way.  I totally reject any argument that by implementing a politics of peace, the United States, or any other great power, becomes "weaker" or less powerful.

Killing people at their weddings, invading and toppling governments, starving babies through sanctions: these are the actions of a barbaric people. Not a strong, or courageous civilization.

It is a thing of great weakness to point a gun at the rest of the world, knowing that they do what you want out of fear and duress.

And it takes courage and strength to seek out a better type of international politics.

If you think this is unrealistic, it's probably because you interpret this command to end the wars to mean that we will suddenly live in a world without conflict, or suffering. That is not what I mean.

Ending the current wars does not mean that international conflicts will be miraculously solved.

Far from it. There will be years, maybe even decades, of hard work to do in and between countries in order to permanently solve conflicts.

Unending war, particularly since 9/11, has not brought the United States anything meaningful in places like Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. And the trillions of dollars spent on destroying such places could have paid for investments in health, infrastructure, and education many times over.

If countries hold out their hands in honest partnership, and suggest there is a better way to do things -- other countries will respond in turn.

And if it means that powerful countries realize they have no business in dominating and occupying weaker countries -- then let justice be done even though the heavens fall. 

The world is headed off a cliff.  Enough with the wars. End the wars. 

End the Wars.png

Therefore, let the following be done:

First, countries should declare an immediate cease fire to ongoing hostilities. For the United States, this means a cease fire in places like Syria in Afghanistan. 

Second, the United States should begin to resolve its violent disputes through peaceful means. This can be done through diplomatic negotiation, through third-party assisted mediation, or through an international judicial process such as submitting the dispute to the International Court of Justice.

Third, the United States and other great powers must reaffirm their commitment to the Charter of the United Nations and to principles of international law that require countries to settle their disputes through peaceful means.