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The Founding of Just Atonement Inc.


In 2017, Inder organized Just Atonement Inc. (“JAI”), a legal non-profit whose mission is to defend democracy and build peace and sustainability. JAI undertakes legal research and litigation, and also runs internship programming for law students.

JAI is the organizational vehicle that has given Inder the freedom and independence to undertake a critical human rights mandate: preserving human rights and democracy in the face of existential threats to humanity from climate change and war.

“We believe in the ultimate victory of democratic norms as the guiding light of human civilization.”

— The Manifesto of Just Atonement Inc.


Litigating the Legality of the Iraq War


Inder led a four year effort with a team of international lawyers to hold high-ranking members of the Bush Administration accountable for the devastating Iraq War. The case alleged that former President George W. Bush and other members of his cabinet committed an illegal act of aggression under the judgment set at the Nuremberg Trials.

After four years of litigation, the Ninth Circuit halted all proceedings, concluding that whatever the merits of the case, federal law provided immunity to President Bush and other high ranking officials from lawsuits about the Iraq War. The case, Saleh v. Bush, 848 F.3d 880 (9th Cir. 2017), remains the only lawsuit ever filed attempting to hold the perpetrators of the Iraq War liable before a judge.

“These are dangerous times.”

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Directed by French filmmaker Romain Champalaune


Fighting for a progressive third party in South Korea


In November 2014, Inder was engaged by the Unified Progressive Party of South Korea to join their legal team in defending the party from dissolution by the Korean Constitutional Court.

At the time, South Korea was in the grips of a terrible constitutional crisis: a dictatorial President, Park Gyun-Hye, was attempting to assume greater power, which included banning opposition parties and throwing her adversaries in jail.

There were few people in South Korea who were willing to defend the left progressive party. Inder attended court hearings, gave speeches in Seoul, and submitted petitions on behalf of the party to the United Nations Human Rights Committee in Geneva.

The party was ultimately banned; but the banning helped spur a larger democratic movement that led to the ouster of President Park. Today, former President Park is behind bars serving a 25 year sentence for abuse of power and corruption.


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Speaking at the Korean Constitutional Court in November 2014


Advocating for service members who experienced sexual assault in the military


In October 2012, Inder acted as co-counsel in representing more than 15 service men and women who alleged they were sexually assaulted while serving in the military. One of the plaintiffs alleged that a supervising Staff Sergeant had given him HIV through a sexual assault.

The lawsuit, filed in the Northern District of California, helped trigger a national dialogue about sexual assault in the military that continues through the present. Service men and women remain largely unable to obtain the professional and legal help they need for trauma they have experienced while serving.

Read the Complaint filed in the Northern District of California