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I.   Rebellion

We have chosen to rebel.

We have chosen to rebel because humanity must change. It must change, or it will perish.

We adopt this manifesto in order to commit our lives to a single purpose:

the preservation and celebration of human civilization.

II. The Sixth Great Extinction.

The Earth is undergoing a massive extinction event -- the Sixth Great Extinction.

If nothing is done, humanity will almost certainly go extinct as well.

We have chosen to do something about this.

III. Becoming a Hero

We walk a path called the Path of the Hero.

The Path of the Hero is a path of peaceful, spiritual, but also deep and meaningful rebellion against a flawed destiny and a destructive future.

We walk the Path of the Hero in order to preserve human civilization from runaway climate change, species extinction, pollution, threats of large-scale state violence (including nuclear violence), unequal distribution of wealth and resources, and the destruction of the rule of law and human rights in favor of authoritarian and tyrannical social structures.

We walk the Path of the Hero in order to celebrate human civilization and build a meaningful and dignified human existence.

We fight for the possibility of joy, civilization, and spiritual transcendence.

We dedicate our lives towards building peace and sustainability.

We cast off the Sleeping Mind, in favor of the Hero Mind.

IV.   Sacrifice

The Path of the Hero is a perilous path. It is a path filled with sacrifice and fear.

Sacrifice is required, because every person’s journey on the Path of the Hero is unique: as unique as that person.

It may mean dedication and mastery of a specific skill or trade that is not usually in demand.

It may mean turning down lucrative job offers in favor of a less defined economic path.

It may mean losing touch with people who, in their own way, become obstacles to a path of peace and sustainability.

It may mean being harassed or even persecuted by powerful business or political forces who favor a flawed status quo.

It may lead to physical pain, torture, or early death.

Such is the fate of rebels.

V.   Walking the Path of the Hero

How does one start walking the Path of the Hero?

There is nothing that needs to be done, other than to tell yourself that you wish to dedicate this lifetime towards building peace and sustainability.

That you wish to preserve and celebrate civilization.  

That is enough.

VI.   The Order of Guardians

The Order of Guardians is our mystery tradition. Like Gnosticism, Sufism, and yoga, the Order of Guardians permits our adherents to explore reality at a deeper level.

We invite you to join the Order of Guardians by taking this life-long oath:

"I hereby vow that I will dedicate this lifetime to building peace and sustainability on the Earth."

Other than the oath, nothing else is required to join the Order of Guardians.

There is great power in this oath. The oath will change your life.

Take the oath when you are ready.

You will know when you are ready.

VII. The Phoenix and the Motto

We use the phoenix as the symbol of both the Path of the Hero and the Order of Guardians


The phoenix is a mystical creature that is destroyed by fire but than rises from its own ashes.

The phoenix represents that every day, we arise with a consciousness that is capable of new things, and that even in the face of great trauma, that trauma does not destroy our capacity for joy or our ability to engage in good works.

Use this phoenix to identify yourself to others on this Path.

We use as the motto of the Path of the Hero and the Order of Guardians the phrase, lux in tenebris lucens, or, "The light that shines in darkness".

Use this motto to identify yourself to others on this Path.

VIII. Duty

We are born into a reality that contains vast amounts of suffering. There is trauma across the planet: physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental.

And everywhere, that trauma spreads.

By walking the Path of the Hero, we aim to heal trauma.

We are rebels against pain and suffering, who are committed to the cause of peace and sustainability.

We acknowledge the magnitude of the challenge that awaits us by attempting to row a small boat through a tsunami.

But in our own way, we find peace of mind in undertaking this holy mission, regardless of the outcome.

We know we may never succeed in our attempt to preserve and celebrate civilization. To many people, it may seem like a Fool’s errand to even try.

But like the warriors of old, we believe in the power of duty. And we gladly accept this duty, because no one else will, and because we can. We will become leaders in an age of extinction.

It is only by being tested, that someone can discover their power.

It is only because of darkness that the light can discover how brightly it can shine.

And when it is very dark, even a little light will go a long way