My Services


My Services

Coaching and Career Advice

I provide coaching and career advice to new graduates and transitioning professionals, helping them plan a fulfilling career that is true to their Life's Work. This advice includes:

  • Helping you to identify your Life's Work
  • Helping you to plan a rich and fulfilling career that enables you to cultivate your Life's Work, and that realistically juggles other personal and professional goals, inluding the reality of student debt and other possible financial constraints
  • Giving you the tools you need to check in and manage fear so that you can continue to cultivate your Life's Work as a life-long journey


Corporate Executive Services

I work with companies that are looking to align their corporate missions to building peace and environmental sustainability. My experiences as a corporate lawyer and successful mission-driven entrepreneur (running and managing two companies from scratch for close to a decade) provide one-of-kind corporate expertise. Services include:

  • Advising boards of directors in setting new corporate missions, completing a realistic transition plan, and executing the transition plan
  • Advising corporate executives in finding their own Life's Work, and in implementing mission-driven goals at the C-Suite level to impact corporate culture as a whole
  • Engagements to serve in an interim corporate officer capacity, assisting boards of directors to transition to new corporate missions and finding the best leadership to implement those missions


Invite Me To Speak

I speak to audiences of all sorts about the importance of choosing the path of the hero and creating and cultivating a Life's Work. I speak at universities, audience halls and corporate board rooms. You can read through some of my speeches here to get a sense of what I say and how I speak. Contact me to learn more.