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The Vision of Inder Comar

Walk the Path of the Hero and build a Golden Age.


As I write these words, humanity finds itself in the midst of an extinction event: the Holocene Extinction, the Sixth Great Extinction in Earth's history.

Grave and terrible changes are taking place because of global warming: changes that will make the planet much warmer, with greater weather extremes and much higher sea levels.

Even as these events take place, governments continue to war with each other, with the threat of nuclear annihilation at an all time high. 

We need a different way.

Those of us who are alive today, at these times of incredible change: we are the last hope for humanity.

And I do not believe we were born at this hour of Earth's history to simply observe humanity's doom.

I believe we are alive today to push humanity into a better direction—a Golden Age.

We must rebel against a flawed future, fight the way things are, and commit to a saner and more civilized path for humanity. 

On this website, I hope you'll discover some of my writings and speeches on this topic, and that you will join me in cultivating your Life's Work and in walking The Path of the Hero.   

In walking the Path of the Hero, you will make a difference and can change the destiny of the human race from one of near-certain destruction, to one of hope, survival, and in time, flourishing. Together, we can build peace and sustainability.

I hope you can be inspired to make a difference. I hope you can be inspired to find your Life’s Work and build a Golden Age.


Inder Comar