The Age of Heroes

The Age of Heroes

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Every person alive today has the capacity to be a hero.

And when every person can be a hero, then we should understand and realize that we live in a true Age of Heroes.

Heroism has nothing to do with special or magical powers. 

Rather, heroism has to do with using the tools at our disposal to meet increasingly difficult challenges on planet Earth.

Technology has provided remarkable and powerful tools. Today, any person with a laptop can, with hard work and dedication, very literally change the world.

But technology is not the only tool at our disposal. Our ability to be hardworking, compassionate, resourceful, ambitious and kind are even greater tools. These are the tools that are the rocket fuel for lasting, positive global change.

As I write this, there is a 50% chance that climate change will cross a "dangerous threshold" within three decades and a 5% chance that climate change will produce an "existential" threat that will wipe out humanity.

Those are difficult odds to cope with, and a difficult thing to grasp: that our lives thirty years from now will be substantially more difficult that they are today. That there is some chance, thirty years from now, that we may be facing extinction.

There is no other choice but to arise and face these looming planetary crises that await us. There is no choice but for each of us to meet these challenges, and to do so with the courage, tenacity, and intelligence that can be the most defining traits of our species.

We do this by asking ourselves why it is we are here at this time, and what we are meant to do -- our Life's Work -- and then going out and building and creating that work.

When you choose the path of heroism, you are dedicating yourself to something higher than any sort of individual, personal gratification. You are making a decision that human civilization, decency and ethics are things that must be preserved at all costs. That you will put aside other sorts of personal goals in order to focus on preserving and fighting for the survival of the human race and the positive aspects of human culture and society. The essence of heroism is dedication to a higher path, and in making choices that focus on a greater good.

There came a moment in my own life when I realized that the path of a traditional corporate lawyer was not one that I could walk. I can still remember the moment when I felt like I "woke up" to a grander reality that I was a part of, and that I had been sleepwalking through my life up until then. When I had this experience, I realized there was a much bigger world than the very narrow expectations placed on me by society, family and culture. I realized I could forge for myself my own path, and my own destiny -- and it could be a destiny that was aligned with a powerful sense of good. 

Now is the time for those who are able to choose a path of heroism. 

The engineer, the writer, the painter, the parent, the diplomat, the warrior and the scholar all have their role to play, and all can be heroes.

It is only in a time of troubles that heroes can emerge. 

And it is only because of darkness that the light can discover how brightly it can shine.