The Order of Guardians

The Order of Guardians


The path of the hero leads to many wonderful places. And for those who aspire to a deeper spiritual path, the path of the hero can become the vehicle for joining the Order of Guardians.

Every spiritual tradition recognizes a mystery tradition which permits their adherents to explore deeper meaning. Gnosticism, Sufism, yoga -- there are countless examples from all over the world of doctrines and philosophies for those who want to want to keep piercing the veil of reality to explore more fundamental truths.

On the path of the hero, this deeper vehicle is called the Order of Guardians.

Joining the Order is easy -- all that is required is to take an oath that you will dedicate this lifetime to the cultivation of your Life's Work in order to build peace and environmental sustainability on the Earth.

The oath: "I hereby vow that I will dedicate this lifetime to the cultivation of my Life's Work in order to build peace and environmental sustainability on the Earth."

There are no hidden doctrines, no secret texts, and nothing else required to join the Order of Guardians. You can announce your participation in the Order, or you can keep it to yourself. A person who joins the Order of Guardians does so not because they are wanting to show off; they join it because it represents a meaningful and effective path towards deeper spiritual truths and greater benefit for all forms of sentience on planet Earth.

How is it that a simple oath can lead to inner wisdom? Aren't the religions of the world filled with numerous doctrines about accessing spiritual power? 

The oath seems simple, but it will change your life. It has changed mine. When you take the oath, your center of gravity changes. You stop thinking about wholly selfish needs and desires, and your life becomes centered around something grander. Things start to change. It is certainly true that many religions have a lot more doctrine and dogma than the oath. Maybe they are over complicating things. 

The oath is supposed to last for your lifetime. Now, obviously, no one will know if you renounce it. You won't go to any hell, or some type of prison. Your life is yours and yours alone. But part of taking the oath is having a seriousness about your intentions and your words. If you're not sure about taking the oath, don't take it yet. Take the oath when you are ready. You will know when you are ready. In the meantime, focus on discovering and cultivating your Life's Work. You can be a hero without taking the oath. The oath is just another path. It leads to greater mysteries, but it is not required to become a hero.

The symbol of the Order of Guardians is the phoenix. The phoenix is a mystical creature that is destroyed by fire but than rises from its own ashes. The phoenix represents the fact that every day, we arise with a consciousness that is capable of new things, and that even in the face of great trauma, that trauma does not destroy our capacity for joy or our ability to engage in good works. The opposite is the case: it is only through challenge and struggle that we understand our real capacities, our real powers. It is only because of darkness that the light can discover how brightly it can shine.

The motto of the Order of Guardians is lux in tenebris lucens  -- "The light that shines in darkness". To be a Guardian is to be a light, for oneself and for others. In joining the Order of Guardians, you will discover how brightly your inner light can shine. 

If you wish to join the Order of Guardians, just take the oath. Meditate on the oath and let it guide all of your intentions. And prepare for your life to be utterly transformed.